Our Nutrition plans will be customized based on each clients individual goals. A diet plan will be developed upon every clients’ individual fitness level, eating habits, lifestyle, preferences and more. 

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Before handing you a specific program, you will have to under go a one-on-one assessment with our nutritionist in order to personalise a diet plan just for you.


Nina is a Dubai based Nutritionist Dietitian. She graduated from the Medical College of Vocational Studies in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. 

The way she can help you is by providing individually tailored plans to each client. So you can reach your maximum potential with nutrition programs specifically designed to archive your fitness goal.

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What will your Nutrition session be like? 

Individual Health Assessment

You will be given a detailed form focused on information about your current health condition, lifestyle and eating. 

Body Composition Analysis

The whole analysis is a used to describing what your body is made of, including Body Fat, Muscle Mass and Body water. 

Definition of your Individual goals

Defining your goals and how you can archive them.

Follow-up Sessions

Based on your needs we are available for follow-up consultation.


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